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Turquoise Couch
Turquoise Couch

Biblical Life Coaching

Biblical life coaching for women age 20 and up

  • Faith foundations coaching. What does it mean to believe? What is a Biblical worldview?

  • New believer mentoring. What to do next.

  • Navigate decision-making and God's will in your life.

  • Does God feel distant? Have you become angry at God? Re-establishing your faith in God through Biblical Coaching. 

  • Tools to handle rejection, judging self & others, body image, self-worth, accepting and loving others. 

  • ​What is forgiveness? How does it work? Why it matters.

Please note that I am a degreed Biblical Counselor and Certified Health and Life Coach. I offer biblical life coaching, Bible education/tutoring, and mentoring. I am not a licensed therapist, psychotherapist, or mental healthcare provider of any kind.

I do not diagnose, offer advice, prescribe, bill insurance, or provide any of a licensed therapist's services.

I currently tutor, mentor, and coach women aged 20 and up. 


I provide biblical Christian life education in tutoring, coaching, and mentoring self-discover format to help women anchor their mind, body, and soul in the biblical truths of the Holy Bible and God. Ground In Scripture, LLC is a layman's biblical ministry for educational purposes. Please read the disclaimer for further information. 

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Online Courses
Coming Soon!

 Grow in your Faith through our online self-paced courses. 
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